Paying it Forward

In some of my previous posts, I talked about my journey and how it was
changing my life. I was heartened to read comments from other people on
the same journey that said that I had motivated them to start moving
more, and doing more.

I started thinking about the person who inspired me to start this
journey and who has been so supportive and motivational to me. She has
been so amazing, so strong and so brave that I have been inspired to
follow in her footsteps in many ways. Because of her support (and of
course my own hard work!) I started working with a personal trainer,
following WW and took my first Zumba class. Now I’m getting really
strong, have lost 25 pounds and I’m also a licensed Zumba instructor!

And then I started to think about how I can motivate other people to
make positive changes in their life. What I came up with is that one
of the best way to encourage others is to share the journey with them!
Invite your friend who is struggling with her weight to attend a WW
meeting. Go to yoga with your friend who really wants to try it but
doesn’t want to go alone. Try a Zumba class with your bestie even if
you have 2 left feet. Share your journey with others because this
journey is so much more fun when you share it with a friend.

You never know when someone you share your story with or talk to
about the fun workout you had last night will be inspired to take that
first step towards fitness or just trying something new. That one word
of encouragement or smile you share with someone having a tough day at
the gym, might be all it takes to give someone that extra oomph they
need to take the next step!

When we start supporting others in their healthy lifestyle, we are paying it forward and that’s a trend that benefits all of us!

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