It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Its been a very crazy week for me and my spouse, to say the least! This last week we celebrated 15 wonderful years of common-law marriage so we planned a weekend getaway to the mountains for our anniversary. The plan is to drive to the mountains on Saturday, have two lovely days where we only leave the room to eat, then come home on Monday all relaxed and refreshed.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

So the day we leave, Pippa dragon (one of our 5 beloved bearded dragons) wakes up with her back legs and tail pretty much paralyzed. Never a good thing, especially when we are trying to out of town for the weekend. After much organizing of the pets, we drive to a romantic lodge just outside the Jasper National Park gates which looked so nice on the internet but less impressive in person. The view off the balcony was nice but everything else was dissapointing. And the noise, holy cow! The road nice was much worse that I would have thought, and with a rowdy wedding right under our room, it was not a peaceful night. Andin the meantime, I’m trying not to worry about my sick little critter. STRESS!!

Sunday morning we wake up exhausted from the noise (and the cranky baby in the room next door) and get ready to go. My hubby announces that I need some bling to wear for our brunch at the Jasper Park Lodge. He presents a small nicely wrapped box. In the box, was the most amazing ring I have ever seen. Which is 10 diamonds, which he announced was my wedding band. So of course I burst into tears of joy. Apparently my last ring was a promise ring and he’d been saying for the last year that when we are engaged, I will know it by the ring. JOY!!

Now we are officially engaged now as he got down on one knee and proposed (twice) the other day. We are going to elope, probably in the spring (or maybe next month) and have a big party afterwards. It will just be less stressful and less dramatic that way! JOY!!

Back to the story, We drove up to JPL, had a nice brunch and on the way out of the property, the differential on our vehicle blew and took out the half shaft. Big bang, van creeks to a stop in front of the old gas station. We had to rent a crappy rental car to get home and long story short, they want $6000 bucks to fix it, which is crazy so we went yesterday back to Jasper with borrowed vehicle and trailer to bring it back home. STRESS!!

But on the plus side, I am not only formally engaged to a wonderful man, we got to stay in the most amazing room I’ve ever seen at the Jasper Park Lodge for the night. What a nice treat! JOY!!

There is a WW related point to my rambling – I’m a stress eater and the last few days have been stressful (what with the van, sick pet, engagement, etc) but I did NOT GO OFF PROGRAM and stuff my face with whatever I could find despite the stress level. We’ve been busy with alot of to and fro stuff getting organized to pick up the van but I still managed to make it to Zumba the other day and I’m going again tonight. Something in me clicked when I made the committment to myself to follow this program and be true to myself and that magic click kept me on the straight and narrow despite being stressed out! WIN!!

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