Beware of Trolls!

So this morning I had the dubious pleasure of finding a helpful Facebook message from a person I’d never met (see image). My first response was that this person was a Troll, who found my image somehow on the internet and decided to comment on it, but it turns out this guy is a friend of 3 of my friends. I had posted to a thread started by one of our communical friends and he must have noted the photo of me on my motorcyle that I use as my profile photo. I dont know, and I don’t really care, what inspired him to send me this note but the intention was clear – insult the fat girl. Because clearly a fat girl who allows her image to be viewed on the internet must deserve mocking.

Beware of Trolls

Beware of Trolls

I have to say, honestly, even though I do not know this guy and I don’t care what he thinks, I was hurt. Reallly hurt. I know I’m overweight, and hardly the picture of grace and beauty on my bike but to have someone else, someone that I don’t even know, point this out… Hurt. I’m okay now, for my hurt has morphed into anger, and now I’m just angry. Really angry. Wrath of god, woman with PMS angry.

So what inspires a guy like this to send a message to someone they don’t even know about their weight? Does he gain something from it? Was he on crack? Is he an ignorant butt-wad? (I’m going with the latter).

But because I’m a bigger person (pun intended) I didn’t send him any nasty messages, or hire a hit man. No, instead I snagged a screen shot of the message and posted it to my Facebook wall and Twitter feed. But I didn’t block off his name on my Facebook page like I did for this page, and I thanked him for his helpful message.

Then I PM’d him back letting him know that his helpful message had been shared with my Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Maybe that’s a bit harsh but I’m tired of people thinking its okay to make deliberatly hurtful comments to overweight people, its not nice and its definately not ok.

So here’s a request to my 3 followers, would you have responded differantly than I did in the same circumstances? Have you ever been the subject of this kind of message? If so, what did you do? Inquiring mind wants to know!

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