Send what I was driving to the gym… say what?

Last night I was driving to the pool for a short swim and I had an idea for blog post that I didn’t want to lose. So I pressed the button on the hands free bluetooth thingy in my car and said “Siri, write a memo”. She promptly dialed my home phone number. Doh. Attempt 2 – “Sire, write a note” and then I dictated a note about how this week I was so close to 30 pounds and my 10% that I could almost taste it. The point of the post was going to be how while the milestone was so close I could almost TASTE IT, whether or not I reached that goal depended on what I was TASTING. Get it?

So I dictated away never knowing that poor Siri just had no idea what I was talking about and came up with the babble in the right. How the heck Siri came up with this garbage based on what I had to say is a mystery to me but it made me think about the other things I have to have in place to reach this goal, not just the food. And that’s the activity level – really stepping it up, not just doing the minimum (which to me is 60 minutes 6 to 7 times per week).

Last week looked like:
Monday: Swimming 1hr
Tuesday: Spin 1hr
Wednesday: Swimming 1hr
Thursday: Zumba, 1hr
Friday: Swimming, 1hr
Saturday: Yoga, 1hr
Sunday: Swimming, 20 minutes

Yes, I really like swimming! This is a fitness conditioning class where we swim 1500m to 1800m in an hour – its a serious workout! Last week I saw 4000m over the week.

With that in mind, I created a schedule for the week, as follows:

Monday Step @ WHC 5:30-6:30 Swimming 8:00-9:00
Tuesday Revs @ WHC 5:30-6:30
Wednesday Zumba Toning @ WHC 6:30 – 7:30
Swimming 8:00-9:00
Thursday Yoga @ Divine 7:30-8:30
Friday Zumba @ WHC SA 5;30-6:30 Swimming 8:00 -9:00
Saturday Yoga @ Divine 11:00-12:00 Zumba Jam Session @ WHC SA 1:00-4:00 Sunday A well deserved rest!!

I will let you know in a few days how this worked out. I’m tired just reading about it! Hopefully this schedule makes more sense than Siri’s gobbledygook translation of my brilliant monologue which I have since dismissed as kind of obvious. Doh.

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