Now that’s not at all what I had in mind!

So earlier this week I posted my schedule, kind of grand but still doable. I thought THIS is the week I am going to get to my 10% and 30 pounds lost.

It’s not working out exactly as planned. On Monday I did step class with a really fabulous instructor. I had a great time, really gave it a good effort and got my heart rate moving. I was concerned for my knees so just used the bench without any step. And then half way through, I did an L step (sideways off the bench) and rolled my left foot. OUCHIE! Even though it really hurt I thought I might as well finish the class because I figured as soon as I take my shoe off, I’m not getting it back on.

Looks like I’ve either sprained or strained my foot – it really hurts! I’m managing to hobble around but my foot is taped and I’ll be applying R.I.C.E when I get home (that’s Rest Ice Compression and Elevation not plastering my foot with Asian food).

As Zumba and Spin are definitely out for a few days, at least until my assessment on Friday, and my friend and yoga instructor advised me that yoga is not appropriate today (Shanti Flow uses the feet alot), now my schedule looks like this:

Monday – Step class
Tuesday – Hobble and Swim
Wednesday – Hobble and Swim
Thursday – Hobble and Swim
Friday – Hobble, Swim, and Physio
Saturday – hopefully Yoga and Zumba Jam Session
Sunday – day off?

The old me would have used this frustrating injury as an excuse to sit on the couch. Possibly eating bon bons because that’s what fat people do right? Sit on the couch and eat bon bons? (sorry bitterness over unfair stereotypes creeping in). But the new me found a great way to get around the injury and still get exercise. And that’s swimming!

Tuesday I swam 800m, and last night I swam 1000 metres. If I don’t take a night off, and believe me I need one (sans bon bons) I will probably swim another 1000-1500 metres. Hopefully I’ll be recovered enough to participate in the 3 hour Zumba Jam session on Saturday or I’ll be really really angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry…. Ooops, sorry, wrong discussion.

We are bound to have little bumps like this in our journey to fitness and its important that we find a way to deal with it so that we don’t get sidetracked. What is YOUR plan to deal with an unexpected injury? What will you do to stay on track with fitness if you can’t go for a walk, do STEP class, or go to Zumba?

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