Send In The Clowns

So I’m enjoying a quiet day off today. Looking at all the snow outside, thinking at some point I should go and try to move several tons of heavy wet snow off the deck. But in the meantime I am puttering around the kitchen, descaling the Tassimo, and trying to decide what to make for dinner.
On the TV one of the many soaps it is on a weekday afternoon. I don’t bother to watch them, the stories are stupid, and the actresses all seems so fake. And very small, not at all like real people, or big movie stars. Although ill admit to watching the last few minutes of Y&R when I get home from work and making up my own story based on those few scenes.
It seems that so many of these actresses, women who have only got to be as old as I am, have tight pinched fake looking faces. Their lips are plumped up, their faces are pulled back to their ears and the eyebrows are in a perpetual expression. I started to wonder if I should be thinking about doing something like that? Although I look young for my age, I am starting to get crows feet around my eyes. My lips are not as full as they used to be, and my cheeks are definitely taking on a downward direction. Hmmm.

scary clown makeup

Now, the rest of my body, that’s another story. My boobs, while still one of my finest features,are getting closer and closer to street level, and they’re starting point in different directions. But still, not so bad and I think a good bra may be all that I need to tune up the girls. For although weight loss and exercise, are doing great things for my body, I think near the end of this journey, I am going to need to get my belly done. Because as surely as my boobs are heading for the street, my stomach will be going there too. I prefer to only wear aprons in the kitchen or pottery studio, not under my clothes.
Something I have noticed that people say about women in the public eye is “she is not aging well”. What is aging well anyways? Does it mean that you’re supposed to go out there and pay a shit load of money to have surgery so that you look like you’re trying to look 20 years younger? Are you supposed to fight every little wrinkle and grey hair with chemical warfare? Or does it mean that you try to stay fit, enjoy the life that you live, treating your body and your soul with dignity? I don’t mind at all the wrinkles on my face. I just wish things sagged a whole lot less, but that’s just the wages of wisdom. To me aging well is looking after myself, treating my body and my soul with dignity.
I openly admit that I color my hair, and have since I was 15. That’s not because I’m trying to cover the gray hair that I’ve noticed appearing in the last few years, I just don’t like my natural hair color. Honestly, almost every day when I see the regrow of intriguing silver strands of hair intertwined with my natural boring mousy blonde hair, I want to grow it in. I’d like to see what my hair looks like with silver in it. My grandma had the most amazing silver white hair. I always hoped that I would inherit that from her, along with my thick head of hair and strong fingernails. And I think that at some point, I will just cut my hair short, and let it grow in natural, just to see what it looks like.
I don’t want to look like Joan Rivers, and a parody of myself. My face maybe starting to look a little softer, a little wrinklier, but it’s mine, and I earned every single wrinkle. I don’t need to look good in HD, just real life and I think I’ve got that covered.
ps. If YOU want to have plastic surgery, go for it! I’m just saying its not for me and I don’t think that we should feel obligated to do so just to spare the rest of the word our aging!
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