Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

So this week we had a major dump of snow. I mean major, the snow is piled up so high in our yard now from trying to clear the driveway that I can’t lift the shovel up high enough to add to the pile. Along with all the ice and snow, comes the inevitable falls. I managed to wipe out on Thursday just walking to my car, landed right on the gravel that was supposed to stop me from falling. Doh!!

Today I’m outside trying to clean the driveway, so that my husband doesn’t have to do it when he gets home from work. I managed to fall down again. This time on my left knee, and I think I’ve pulled my left quad which was already sore from Thursday’s fall.

Seriously? Like I need any more injuries? I’m already suffering with planter fasciitis and heel spur on my left foot, that is keeping me from my beloved Zumba. I just got the go-ahead for cross-country skiing, and yoga, but honestly it’s freezing cold. I’d much rather be at the gym dancing with my Zumba friends. Indoors, where it’s nice and warm, and also not icy and dangerous.

I can’t help thinking that this is so ironic. Last year, I would’ve been happy to have an excuse to stay indoors, and not leave the house at all. It would’ve been great to have yet another excuse to lie on my ass, watching TV, and stuffing my face. But it’s not like that now, now it hurts my soul to have to miss my Zumba class and all the other workouts that I’ve gotten used to being able to do. I really want to work out, and it frustrates the hell out of me that I have this stupid foot injury, and have to be patient while it heals. Patient? Really? I am the least patient person I know!

So I guess I’ll go for a swim later today, or go cross-country skiing, because I have to do something. Laying around on the couch waiting for my foot to heal is not an option, although it’s extremely tempting on a cold day like today. But if this trend of falling down and hurting myself continues, I’m going to need one of those rescue buttons like my 92 year old mom in law has. Help, I can’t do Zumba, so I don’t want to get up!

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