Fake It Till You Make It

Ever since the big snowfall we had last week, I’ve been talking about how I can’t wait to get out and ski. I think I only got out once last year and a few times year before. It’s great exercise, and we are blessed with a great assortment of trails in my neighborhood.

So, today, like I have for the last few years, I went looking for something to wear so that I could go skiing. And I think this onerous task is one of the main reasons that I haven’t really been skiing much of the last few years. Not because it’s physically challenging, and maybe the weather wasn’t great for it last year, but it’s so difficult to find something to squeeze my body into that is suitable for skiing.

Oh I have plenty of cold weather outfits in a smaller size, but nothing much for the size I am now, even though I have lost a substantial amount of weight. I have the ski pants I bought last year from Eddie Bauer, but I thought would fit, but they don’t. Even after losing 30 pounds, I cannot do them up. Another 20 pounds, and I will be good to go. But in the meantime I have to wear something if I’m going to go skiing, and I really do want to. So I came up with a pretty preposterous outfit.

I wore a light weight slim fitting yoga shirt that I bought at Costco a few years ago, on top of that a fleece hoodie, and on top of that one of the few Lululemon hoodies that I own (Awesome because of the many pockets that hide in the jacket). On the bottom I wore thermal underwear and on top some Zumba pants that are more like sweatpants/pajamas. So was a pretty funny looking outfit, but I made it work.

So the valuable lesson I learned today, because it must always be a lesson learned, is that I could have continued to make excuses for why I can’t go skiing. I do have a foot injury, but I was cleared for cross-country skiing by my therapist. So that excuse was invalid. I could say that it’s too cold, but that’s a load of crap, because it was a beautiful day. And then there’s the old standby but I can’t find anything appropriate to wear for skiing, but I blew that one of the water too. It may not of been the most elegant outfits but it did the trick.

The way I see it, it’s added incentive to keep working on my fitness and weight loss goals. If I don’t want to go skiing in a Zumba/yoga inspired outfit, I need to keep doing the hard work so that I can fit into proper ski clothes. What girl doesn’t want to wear cute outfits for every activity?

My dog, just after knocking my mom off her costs country. 22 year old photo!

And by the way, today was a fabulous day for skiing! The sun came out after a while, and helped soften the lines of the snow. The air was cool but not too cold! The snow was soft, and no ice in sight. I saw a lot of people out skiing today, including a gentleman who must’ve been at least 80 years old. If he can strap on his keys and go skiing, so can I! And I note that his outfit was only slightly better put together than mine.

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