Just say NO!

Ah yes, this could apply to so many things… Just say NO to drugs, to alcohol, to stirrup pants and going braless at work. The first two are pretty obvious IMHO, the other two not so obvious as I have unfortunately witnessed.

Happy little critter stuffing his face

Happy little critter stuffing his face

But in this case I’m talking about food, specifically the sweet, savory, chocolaty, crunchy, salty food that tends to be so plentiful at this time of year. I’m already feeling like a blimp after just a week of exposure to these delectable treats even though I’ve managed to avoid most of the treats. I’m pretty sure I can absorb their calories just by being in the same building!

This week will be the worst week for me – we have our annual “Treat Day” starting tomorrow and guess where the tables are going to be setup? That’s right, by my cubicle. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to food so it’s not like I will be tempted by ALL of it but I will surely be tempted by a lot of it and I’m trying to come up with a coping policy. I want to be able to enjoy these treats without going crazy and without feeling gross and bloated for the weeks following Christmas.

So I have come up with the following strategy –

  1. Work out daily – swim, yoga and Zumba when possible. I can burn lots of calories and also enjoy the stress relieving effects of working out. This time of year can be stressful – I bet you didn’t know that right?
  2. Eat healthy meals in anticipation of the junk fest. I want to make sure my body still gets the nourishment it needs. Chocolate may be good for the soul but it doesn’t really tick all the boxes in the Canada Food Guide. (or is that pyramids?)
  3. Write every single delicious bite. Just because its Christmas doesn’t mean I get to go off the rails and not journal what I eat. Even if I do end up eating more than usual, it doesn’t mean that I can throw being accountable out the window.
  4. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – Only eat it if I really like it, not just because it’s there. I know that I make the best butter tarts so why bother eating the store bought ones? This stuff has serious calories and what’s the point of undoing all that I’ve accomplished this year by hovering everything in sight especially if its just THERE and not something I actually really LIKE! Just SAY NO! to mindless eating!

The madness starts tomorrow so we’ll see if my strategy actually works or not. If it doesn’t, next year I’m going to go vegan for the Christmas season because that seems to be the best way to completely avoid anything that tastes good!

Ps. Vegans, I’m just kidding! Ok, not really.

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