So not what I meant…

When I posted this blog The Year of Living Uncomfortably on January 1st, I didn’t think this year would turn out to be so UNCOMFORTABLE!!

I was looking to go outside my comfort zone with my fitness and more specifically Zumba, but instead I’ve dealt with ongoing foot issues (plantar fasciitis, bone spur), a sprained ankle, whiplash and an odd pain in my side that I’m assured is nothing by those who know but just will not go away.  That was SO not the kind of uncomfortable I was looking for!

After what seems like a long detour, much patience and even more physical therapy, i think I’m ready to be back the kind of uncomfortable I was talking about!  (I’m not yet done treatment for my whiplash but I’m hoping it doesn’t hold me back.) Namely challenging myself with more Zumba training, yoga poses that I have avoided and also facing that contraption at the gym called “Jacobs Ladder”.

In the next few months I will be doing a number of things that I’m not comfortable with, and I need to be 100% so I’m just putting this out there to the universe…

NO MORE FUCKING INJURIES!! (in my best Bernadette Bassenger voice)


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