Over the years, I have come to believe in the proverbial “goodwill bank account” when it comes to relationships – friendships, professional or what not.

At work, as in any other aspect of life, you can only give so much of yourself without getting any goodwill in return. That is, if you give and give to an employer by working late, doing the jobs nobody else wants to do, going above and beyond and your employer just expects more and more without giving any appreciation or consideration in return… and then compound that by being disrespectful too? Well, at some point, they are going to be seriously overdrawn in their goodwill bank account with me. And then I won’t be doing anything I don’t absolutely have to do at work. You want me to do what this weekend? Yeah no, I have plans. Work late so that you can take your dog to the vet? Sorry I’m busy.

I should probably point out that there has to be a significant overdraw to push me over the edge! It took almost two years at my last job before I decided I was done with being a doormat. But that’s another story altogether.

These days, I have no complaints about my supervisor(s) and the folks I work with. They are awesome and I could not feel any more appreciated by my managers. Mostly I wanted to make this point because someone shared a version of this terrific meme the other day and I wanted to pass it on.


Respect – you gotta give it to get it.

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