2013 – The Year That Wasn’t

In my head, I’ve been thinking of 2013 as the “Year That Wasn’t”.

I had so many big plans for 2013 that just never came to fruition, mostly due to injuries. In the first five months of the year I:

  • had plantar fascitis and bone spurs
  • sprained my ankle
  • had a rear-end collision that resulted in whiplash

Later on in the year, I also still had to deal with the whiplash AND messed up my knee big time. So in dealing with all those injuries, plus a mystery pain in my right side that has still not been resolved, its pretty easy to get down on myself and my goals.

My dear husband pointed out to me that GOOD things happened as well – most notably our February elopement to Las Vegas. Ok, so a wedding is a great thing, there’s no denying that. We had a wonderful wedding, and two amazing wedding receptions in the summer. There were also two trips out to the West Coast where we spent time with friends and family AND the first Thanksgiving spent with my father for as long as can remember. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL AND WONDERFUL. Maybe not such a bad year after all?

I also took more Zumba training and wrote my theory exam for FIS certification (Group Fitness Instructor) – both of which were challenging and one required studying for weeks to get a passing grade (90% babeh!). These things are also great and worthy accomplishments.

So instead of thinking of 2013 as the “Year That Wasn’t”, it’s now the “Year That Didn’t Quite Turn Out As Expected.” And for this year, my goals are to finish up the things that didn’t quite happen for last year.

  • challenge the practical part of my FIS certification, that is, actually TEACH a group fitness class.
  • also to actually start TEACHING Zumba Fitness classes instead of just being a licensed instructor that never actually leads a class.
  • keep working on my fitness goals and if injury occurs, find more creative ways to work around them.
  • work on my swimming skills with an eye towards competing in masters level swim meets.

And finally, and I think this will be HUGE, I’ve committed to attending WW meetings instead of doing it online. I believe that I need the support and accountability, so I attended my first meeting in a long time on Saturday. I’ve committed to myself that I will attend the meeting faithfully each week, pay attention and also participate in the meetings. And of course STAY ON THE D@MN PROGRAM!

There are so many good reasons to work towards these goals and this year is going to be the “Year That I Keep Commitments to Myself”.

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