Squish goes my heart

I am going to break my long absence from this blog, by commenting on an event that happened just last week.

On a Sunday two weeks ago, when looking at a Facebook site for owners of local dragons, I read a post from a girl who was looking for a home in very short order for a bearded dragon. There had been a family tragedy, this girls cousin had passed away unexpectedly and the family left behind did not know what to do with her bearded dragon.

I looked at my husband, and told him what I had read.  Within seconds it was agreed that we would adopt this dragon, sight unseen and without knowing really anything of the circumstances. After a few text messages back-and-forth, we agreed to pick up the dragon.  Within an hour, this dragon, named “Jubs”,  was in our home.

The circumstances of this womans passing were quite tragic but they are not for me to comment on here. Needless to say, they left me feeling very sad, but also grateful that we were able to help the family in one small way by taking on Jubs. She was very much loved and treasured by her owner, and we pledged that we would do the same.

She is a sweet dragon, and the biggest, chubbiest dragon we have ever seen. She seemed sad, but also settled in quite well. But she was also reserved, she wasn’t really comfortable with snuggling, and always looked nervous when we came near her. 

And then one night last week, we lay with her on the floor for a visit. She looked at me, she looked at my husband, and when I thought she was going to run away across the floor (again) she ran up to me, across my folded arms nuzzled her head in the crook of my arm, and promptly fell asleep. I lay there with her on my arm for at least 15 minutes, until my arm started to fall asleep. Like I said, she’s a very chubby girl.

I have to admit, I cried a little. This creature, who had lost a beloved owner, and been brought into a new home with lots of other dragons, finally trusted me enough to fall asleep in my arms.   She is perfectly content to cuddle now, and happily eats everything we give her.

It is for these moments of joy that we bring these unknown dragons into our home. So that we can offer them a safe and happy home, and hopefully give them the love that they so richly deserve.  We give them love, and we get just as much back in return. and because of this, our door will always be open to these unknown dragons.

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2 Responses to Squish goes my heart

  1. lovelimess says:

    Why you gotta call her “chubby?”
    Looks like muscle to me.

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