Haters Gonna Hate

I’ve been really bothered lately by how much hate I am seeing spewed in social media.  Whether its Starbuck and their red cups for the holidays (but but Jesus!) or immigrants “descending on Canada” (but but Canada first!) or our new Prime Minister (but Socialism!).  I have admit, its really wearing me down, to the point that I don’t want to engage anyone on social media on most topics.

First of all, if you are upset about the red cups not having snowflakes or snowmen or your Lord and Saviour on them, just give your head a shake.  Frankly if the lack of symbolism on your paper coffee cup offends you as a Christian, your priorities are ALL FUCKED UP.  Like seriously. This Reverend puts it best in her story on HuffPost – direct quote “And maybe this year we can stop yelling at others to “Keep Christ in Christmas” and instead focus on being Christlike ourselves”.  I’m not religious at all but even I know that this is a good idea!  If you are that bummed about not having snowflakes and shit on your red cup, I’ll loan you.  No, I will GIVE you a silver sharpie with which to draw your own. In the meantime, worry more about being a good person and stuff.

Ok, so now the issues of refugees and immigrants coming to Canada – specifically the many desperate and homeless Syrian refugees that our new Liberal government has pledged to help.  A local eatery hosted a fundraiser to sponsor a refugee family, as outlined in this article.  While many of the commenters on this story were supported, I was stunned at how many people were LOSING THEIR SHIT over this.  I mean, HOW DARE these people use their OWN FUCKING MONEY to help a family from SOMEWHERE ELSE.  I shit you not.  These folks couldn’t understand why this restaurant (and their generous staff and patrons) would want to help someone in another country instead of their local homeless, hungry etc.  Well first of all – its their money.  They can do whatever the fuck they want with it. Secondly, there’s nothing that says you can’t give to those near and FAR.  If you can afford it, you can donate food to the food bank, clothing to the homeless, baby supplies to the local woman’s shelter and still help sponsor a refugee family.  The thing that really pisses me off is that most of these people who say BUT WHAT ABOUT CANADA have never donated a single item of clothes, food or even money to any local cause.  And don’t even get me started about the racism.  Yikes.  It’s funny how most of us “old stock Canadians” (terrible term) have forgotten that most of our ancestors were either immigrants or refugees whether it was 10 years ago, a generation or 100 years ago.  We are ALL Canadians and I hope that all of us will welcome the new refugees with open arms when they finally do get here.  They are not here to steal your jobs or start a war or try to impose “sharia law” on your ass. Canada is a country that can help the people already living in Canada and those who are coming.

AND lastly, our new Prime Minister. I’m pretty excited about him and his shiny new cabinet.  Image that, a cabinet that actually reflects the actual demographics of Canada.  We have a kick ass Minister of National Defence who is a decorated war hero.  AND he’s also Sikh, which is pretty cool.  We have an astronaut responsible for Transportation, a former bus driver in charge of Infrastructure and the list goes on!  All these people seem so qualified and well suited to their new roles. I’m very optimistic about Canada’s future! Of course the haters are already hating this but you know what?  Haters are going to hate, because that’s what they do.

So I am not going to engage with these petty/angry/hating people on social media any longer.  It’s not worth the effort to try to enlighten them!  So go on hating because you are only bringing yourselves down.

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